Tip 4

Having high-quality tasteful photos for your salon is important. It is a way for you to show your portfolio, whether you are a hair stylist, nail technician or work in a spa. Gorgeous photos can help boost your brand’s image on social media and can then be used for Marketing purposes as well. If you […]

Tip 3

Not every post should be entirely business related. Keep if FUN and QUIRKY. Let your personality show! When people see your posts, they should know it was YOUR salon. One of the most effective purposes of social media for businesses is to communicate a brand image. You can post anything that your customer base would […]

Tip 2

Use trending hashtags to draw more users to your Instagram profile and to find out about your salon. An example would be to use if your specialty is curly or textured hair Top Trending Hashtags for Curly Hair 2020 #curlyhair – 49% #hair – 9% #naturalhair – 8% #curls – 7% #curly – 5% #curlyhairstyles […]

Tip 1

Social media posts should attract your clients to want more interaction and communication with you and your salon. Your content needs to be engaging and interesting to those who are going to read it and should provide them with some new source of information.Post facts, information or photos that your target audience would find appealing […]