Setup Fees

Create and set up of any needed Social Media accounts

Clean up of any existing Social Media accounts

Keyword research

Competitor research

Compile and gain Admin access for all Social Media accounts

Setup all Social Media accounts in Social Focuz reporting software*

*reporting not included in the Just a Trim package

Basic Profile Management

Manage your online interactions and content across your chosen social media channels

Monitor, post, respond to questions, manage your community and participate in in social conversations across your chosen platforms.

Customer support via your social channels.

Social customer service includes routing customer service issues directly to you in a timely fashion

Update your clients about outstanding issues

Close the loop with your client by seeing issues through to resolution.

Help you express your brand’s personality through your social media presence.

SEO Social Posting

Strategy to get your social channels coming up on the first page in search engine searches as well as social media searches themselves

Optimize your social media pages with your target keywords

Focus on keyword intent and search user needs

Start measuring your SEO Success

Monthly Strategy Meeting

Up to a 2-hour strategy meeting a month

Conducted at the salon or via Facebook Portal from Social Focuz headquarters

Time used for:

  • Review of the previous month
  • Brainstorming
  • Promotional Opportunities
  • Ad campaign collaborations

Monthly Reporting / Analytics

We will gather data from your social media websites and analyze that data using social media analytics tools to make business decisions

We will use customer sentiment to support marketing and customer service activities

Key Metrics: Activity. Engagement. New Audience. Outbound Content. Demographics of your audience.

Receive a monthly report in person, or e-mail or USPS

Ad Campaigns

Help you set your goal

Decide on a campaign concept

Define your target audience

Choose your timing

Decide on your message

Determine your budget

Agree on the marketing platforms you’ll use

Custom design and create your ad

Launch and test your campaign

Report and measure

** Ad campaign budgets are not included in Social Focuz package monthly fees

Reputation Management

Assess your current online reputation

Monitor your company name, products and services

Track popular industry key words or manufacturers

Monitor your biggest competitors

You MUST respond to all queries and comments

Listen to your client’s problem

Provide clarity and resolution

Encourage more Social Reviews, which increases reputation

Website Design

Walk you through the setup process and combine our ideas, with yours for a “salon focused” website.

Establish your domain name and get your site hosting squared away.

Evaluate your current website to optimize your profile and business

Create a web page that will enhances your online presence

Maintain your website and make changes that might incur due to staff changes, promotions or salon esthetics

SEO Website

Strategy to get your website and to the first page in search engine searches

Optimize your web pages for your target keywords

Make sure your website is accessible to both search engines and humans

Work to get other websites to link to your site

Start measuring your SEO success

Social Media Audit

Gather information on your current online presence

All Social Media Channels. Business Listings. Google. Multiple Digital Media outlets.

Build a PowerPoint Report to present to you

Evaluate then recommend action steps that will optimize your profile and business


Develop a customized template and design for your business

Create special offers or multiple informative sections.

Custom created content

E-Mail Marketing

Select the best e-mail marketing provider

Clean up your existing database

Get people to opt in

Keep your contacts organized

Determine the purpose of your campaign

Create a custom e-mail that is effective but simplified

Track and evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign

Brand Building

Strategy meeting with you to determine what your brand is and what it should look like

Create a strong, unique and memorable logo

Enhance your brand equity by using advertising campaigns and promotional strategies

Identify your target audience to make sure your brand is connecting with them

Website design and speed optimization

Create info-graphics, short videos and other content pieces that will educate your clients

Drone Video

Capture of still images and video of the surrounding neighborhood and the outside of your salon