Not every post should be entirely business related. Keep if FUN and QUIRKY. Let your personality show! When people see your posts, they should know it was YOUR salon. One of the most effective purposes of social media for businesses is to communicate a brand image. You can post anything that your customer base would find interesting and engaging, whether it be local news, a famous quote, or a picture of your kids winning the championship softball game. Use social media to show people what makes your salon unique and you will see much more engagement than you would sticking to strictly-business style content.


Social media success is all about building upon what people already know about your salon. You, your stylists, are the life’s blood of the salon. They choose YOU to get their hair done. It is YOU and YOUR salon that they connect with. Keep that connection in all of your posting. Once you get into the swing of a consistent social media post schedule, you will notice that your business is becoming more of a brand and people are talking about it more than they ever did in the past.

Here is a great Blog post on ideas to keep your brand’s feed fresh

20 Social Media Ideas to Keep Your Brand’s Feed Fresh

Again, keep it FUN and QUIRKY!! Dogs, babies… show your salon’s sense of play and humor.


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